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Tiger parenting draws influence from the authoritarian parenting style, but it also has some aspects of helicopter parenting. The style of tiger parenting is seen as rigid, demanding, and oftentimes emotionally unsupportive. Children in this environment are conditioned to believe that high levels of success, primarily academic, come at any cost, which usually means no free time, playdates, sleepovers, or other youth activities.  Success is the first and foremost goal in the tiger parenting style. Children often comply with their parent’s demands out of fear of punishment, acceptance and yielding to the philosophy of filial piety.


Poised is a collection of helpful resources, articles, and advice on a multitude of topics that have helped us along our narrow way. In creating this space, our mission is to eliminate trauma bonding, normalize mental health and encourage self-growth for mental clarity and emotional wellness while navigating the tiring constraints of Asian Parents.

Our goal is for you to recalibrate, redefine, and live your life authentically, and in doing so, we, collectively, will be a voice against generational trauma.

Poised is defined as being marked by balance or equilibrium. It is also to have grace, courage, composure and to be dignified.

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What we do

Poised is a repository of curated resources, articles, and advice on a multitude of self-discovery and Asian culture topics. This community designed to have conversations and provide support for self-discoveries while humanizing and understanding those that have caused us pain. By doing this, we hope to help you achieve a healthier mindset and calmer emotional body when navigating the tiring constraints of Asian Parenting.

It’s time level-up!


Here you will find a comprehensive archive of knowledge on Asian cultures, personality traits, psychology, addiction, relationships, and many other topics.


The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. We don’t claim to be professionals, we’ve just gone through it and want to share our experiences and what has helped us, so we can help you. Read, connect and share your stories too in our online community.


From software and phone apps to self-help books and helpful YouTube clips – this section is a vault of curated resources aimed to help you sort your thoughts.


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