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Recalibrate & Redefine to Live Free from Asian Parenting

When we feel better, we do better.

Our mission is to eliminate trauma bonding, normalize mental health and encourage self-growth for mental clarity and emotional wellness while navigating the tiring constraints of Asian Parents. In doing so, our biggest goal is to put an end to generational trauma within this minority group.


Hi, I’m Theresa

Upon my quest to answer my longing question of “where do I fit in this world?” I had spent countless hours (over 4000 sabbatical hours and counting, to be a bit more exact) researching and reading through many articles, books, theories, and interviews to conclude that many of my inner conflicts and suffering stem from how my Asian parents raised me. Particularly due to their strong-rooted belief in filial piety.

Realizing and overcoming filial piety in a way where I was reunited back to my true-natured self and humanizing those that had conditioned me is truly liberating and peaceful. I call this learning to love the unlovable. In doing this, not only did I save/awaken myself, but I’m also breaking my family’s cycle of intergenerational trauma. This also means that I’m ending the suffering for my kids and the generations to come.

There were many, many moments of “oh wow, I didn’t even know such things existed.” It’s these new perspectives that have allowed me to discard my conditioned childhood beliefs and, in return, have brought me so much clarity to navigate life. Although this journey is lifelong, understanding and living my life as my authentic self is positively freeing.

The process of finding information that was easy to understand, reliable, and relatable was daunting and time-consuming. That’s why I founded Poised as a repository for curated topics within the realm of self-discovery, meditation, mindfulness and Asian cultures in hopes of making your journey easier.

I believe that to tackle Asian [Tiger] Parenting there has to be a sense of spirituality alongside science and logic. Our Mind, Body and Soul needs to be aligned for us to feel comforted to take action. This is what makes Poised a bit different from other sites, as we aim to target the mind-brain, body-brain and spiritual-brain – to defy filial piety.

There’s no sense in lying to you, the trek to self-discovery can be a long and painful one. You will need to learn to heal your inner child before you’re able to rediscover and honor who you really are. There’s a lot of work to be done, and it takes time. But I promise you, it’s so worth it.

If you’d like to get to know me better please visit me on my personal website where I’m working on documenting my journey and self-discoveries: BeingTheresa.com

It’s great to have you here.



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Poised & Patreon

In full transparency with our community and readers, currently Poised is a 2.5 person team, but we also have other full-time jobs to keep our bills paid and children to feed. This community means the world to us, and we would love to keep it alive. Our goal is to eventually bring in a Podcast series and a YouTube channel to keep this project growing and reach as many people as we can.

We hope you see the goodness in our mission, and if you believe in our mission as well, you can help keep the Poised Community alive by supporting us on our Patreon site.

In the link below, we have 4 tiers, each offering different perks, including an opportunity for you to publish your personal story to the world. You will also see our earning goals and what we intend to do with the proceeds.


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