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Getting Blamed for Everything

It is a natural tendency for humans to ask, “what is causing me to feel this way?!” rather than finding the reason for the reaction "why am I feeling this way?!” This means that within a blamer’s ego driven mind, they are geared and focused towards the easier narrative of “what caused me to feel this way” and no longer feel the need to flip the script on themselves to view the bigger picture and see the entire context of the situation.  If they did, they would be able to acknowledge that they have a contributing factor within the situation as well.

How to Fix Life When Life Sucks

We often want someone, or life, in particular, to help us climb out of the hole that we’re in, but the only person that can really help us out of this is ourselves. Some people can help guide us, but we need to be the ones doing the heavy lifting. It’ll take time, hard work, and a tremendous amount of patience. But it is achievable if we believe we can achieve it.

Be Like Water, Friend

The thing that separates us humans from other animals is that we constantly change into new forms, new avatars. We are sad, we are happy, we are emotional, and we are angry. We communicate through different languages, we do different kinds of work, and we deal with different kind of people differently.